“Call me MC. I am an intuitive creator, a seeker, a problem-solver, a teacher, a Mom of three adorable kids, a dreamer and a little different every day. I am a very loyal friend who believes friendship or any relationships should be like a dandelion, low maintenance and blooms wherever it is planted.

I specialize in women’s portraiture and in capturing women’s beauty including the beauty that shines from within. I strongly believe that all women are beautiful and multi-faceted. I  believe that the best possessions a woman can have are her confidence, her wits, and a red lipstick. In saying that, I find so much joy in creating beautiful images which inspire  women rediscover their beauty, their confidence, and their self-love.

MC Photography LLC was founded with the concept of “turning sh*t into fuel”. When told “you can’t do it” or “you have no talent”, one can only have two options: Wallow in self-pitying and anger or “prove them wrong”. I chose the latter.

I am grateful for my business  which I also refer to as my creative outlet. Why? It saved me. It gave me a new set of eyes to really see beauty in every thing and every person. I also realized that in setting out to help a woman rediscover her beauty, I was also seeing mine. Every single one of the women I photographed who needed their self-esteem boosted, I boosted mine. Every single one of them who loved how they looked and who felt good at how they were seen and captured, would somehow give away the same positive feeling to other people. Then I have done my job– tiny as it is.

Romantic softness is apparent in my photography style with a classic and vintage touch.

My goal is to take photograph of you that would blow your mind away.

Book a session with me,  it will change the way you see yourself.”

Maricris Treuenfels


Owner/Photographer, MC Photography LLC

Nutrition Services Cashier, Mounds View Public Schools

Secondary School Teacher, Pasay City West High School (Manila Philippines)

College Instructor, Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (Manila Philippines)

Adult Education Instructor,  Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (Manila Philippines)

ESL Primary and Secondary Teacher, Manila Xiamen International School (Xiamen China)

Secondary School Teacher, Sisters of Mary School

Masters in Teaching English Language Arts, Philippine Normal University 

Cum Laude, Bachelor in Secondary Education- Pangasinan State University College of Education (Philippines)