Meet MC

Call me MC. I am an intuitive creator, a seeker, a problem-solver, a teacher, a Mom of three adorable kids, a recovering perfectionist, a dreamer and a little different each day. I specialize in women’s portraiture and in capturing women’s beauty including the beauty that shines from within. I strongly believe that ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL.  I believe that the best possession a woman can have is her CONFIDENCE.  In saying that, I find so much joy in helping women rediscover their beauty, their confidence, and their self-love.

When I founded my business from scratch in late October of 2012, I came in to the business with nothing but my passion for photography and my stubborn gladness. Someone told me that I CAN’T be a photographer, that I had nothing to offer. So I just had to prove that person wrong. I know it probably was not a very good reason to build a business from, but it was enough to give me a reason to work very, very hard to learn everything I needed to know about photography and business in general. Little did I know that by building my business, I would find myself. Every single woman I had photographed and every one of them that I helped rediscover their beauty, I saw mine as well. Every woman one who needed her self-esteem boosted, I boosted mine as well. Every woman who saw herself and loved how beautiful she looked in her photographs and started loving herself more and taking care of herself more, I am reminded to do the same thing. I am extremely grateful to all the women I have photographed for showing me myself. 🙂

Romantic softness is apparent in my photography style with a classic and vintage touch. And my goal is to take photograph of you that would blow your mind away. Book a session with me… it will change the way you see yourself.


Forever Living Products /  Independent Distributor
Pasay City West High School (Philippines) / English Teacher
Manila Xiamen International School (China) / ESL Teacher
Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (Philippines) / Instructor
Sisters of Mary School (Philippines) / English Teacher
Philippine Normal University (Philippines) / Masters of Arts in Teaching English Language Arts
Pangasinan State University (Philippines) / Bachelor of Secondary Education, cum laude

mcphotographyllc.comWhen I saw MC’s advertisement on Groupon, I was stunned by her photography. I loved the message she was telling women, “Because YOU are beautiful.” When I bought the Groupon and made an appointment with her, I had no idea just how life changing that photo-shoot would be. Before we got together, I received an email from her asking me to tell her about myself. I made the decision to open up to her, and I explained that I had been abused in every way imaginable from the age of 4 until 19, and that I am currently in counseling trying to heal from the effects of the abuse. I told her that I have never been able to see myself as beautiful, because when you’ve been treated like an object for so long, how can you? When I finally met Maricris, she hugged me as soon as I saw her. She was warm, friendly, and absolutely hilarious. She gently asked questions about my life, she shared a bit of her life story with me, and she showed genuine interest in who I am as a person, not just as a client. Before the photo-shoot began, Maricris explained to me how important it is to love yourself, and then she asked me to hug myself. It felt weird at first, but embracing my own body was very healing. For the first time in my life, I wrapped my arms around the body that survived years of trauma and grief. I was comforting myself as I would a friend, and that’s something I had never even thought of doing before. The last photos she took of me, I was embracing my body, unclothed and completely unguarded. She asked if I would like to see the photos, and I agreed. What I saw shocked me. She captured me in a moment of vulnerability, of uncertainty, of fear, but also of strength. To see myself bare and exposed like that was very powerful, and for the first time in my life I thought, “That is one hell of a beautiful, strong young woman.” I firmly believe that every woman needs to be captured in a similar moment; naked, vulnerable, and embracing herself. Maricris talked about starting the “Embrace Project”, so if you have a photo shoot with her, allow her to capture you in that moment of vulnerability. It changed the entire way I viewed myself. After we were done, I started sobbing on her shoulder when I told her that she was the first person to look at me, and not through me. She studied me, she made me feel beautiful in a way I didn’t know was possible. I felt like the beauty I have on the inside started to show itself on the outside. You absolutely need to work with this amazing woman. She’s the kind of person that truly changes lives because she knows how to love you and see you for all that you’re worth. –  Brittany Polhemus




Ayn-Viewing-4This was an experience I never thought I’d have, and never knew I needed. At 37, and a single mother of three, I lacked the ability to look at myself through a beautiful lense. I never considered myself photogenic and in-fact had a tendency to avoid cameras. I made the appointment for fun, but upon leaving the shoot was in awe of her artistry and charisma. When it was time to see the final product, I was speechless. That was me? That was ME! I was so… beautiful! It was then when I realized that every woman needs a photo to look at and say “Look at how beautiful I am”. – Ayn Leitschuh



*** daughter came home from the pride parade with a business card for MC Photography saying this lady said she would like to photograph her. I figured it was just marketing at the parade, but then my daughter and I both received a personal email from Maricris. She sincerely did pick my daughter out in the crowd due to her unique look and seemed so genuine that I figured what is there to lose. I really appreciated the communication before the photo shoot about what to bring, what to expect, etc. When we got there my daughter was extremely apprehensive and did not want to get out of the car. Maricris came out to the car and gently coaxed her out of the car and before I knew it she was giving her a hug and they were laughing. Upon meeting her I felt so welcomed at her home that seemed like we were old friends. I can not believe the time and effort she put into taking her picture. After 3+ hours of great makeup advice, many clothing changes and a few different locations Maricris was like the energizer bunny in the 90 degree heat. You can tell she really enjoys what she does, it is not just a job by any means. I highly recommend MC Photography. There is a great deal on groupon that would be great for graduation or engagement photos. Or better yet just for a fun afternoon and a boost to the self esteem. – Jen McCarty, Mom of Chloe McCarty



Leslie-Pitt-Schneider-mcphotographyllc-99Thank you for capturing who I am. You make me feel beautiful. Your work is spectacular! Speechless! – Leslie Pitt Schneider






mcphotographyllc.com_I had my first ever photo shoot with MC, and it was an amazing experience! She is so welcoming and bubbly, which really helps when you are nervous or a little on the shy side. She brings out the best in you, and I really appreciate that she is genuine to her mission and vision as a photographer who truly empowers you and makes you feel beautiful. I had an absolute blast, and I woke up the day after the session feeling reinvigorated and so happy! If you want an unforgettable experience with a positive, creative, and warm photographer, set up a session with MC today! I really do not think you will regret it 🙂 Thank you, MC!! – Haley Wochner



*** saw MC’s photo of a woman that she had taken a picture and I wanted the experience. There was so much depth in her photo, amazing! I was a little nervous at first but MC talked with me and showed me what to do. I became more comfortable right away.MC started with my eye make up, which was relaxing. MC is very professional and gives positive feed back often and through out the session. MC is really CREATIVE, she put so many great ideas together.It was really exciting. I haven’t seen my photos yet, but I believe they’re gonna be great.I would recommend MC to anyone, it’s a memorable experience. — Trudy Brady




***’s quite hard to describe MC’s talent and beauty in a post. I went into this experience expecting to get some nice pictures taken and have some fun, and I left with a friend and a new found image of myself.
Maricris makes you feel beautiful. She does that with such genuine intentions that it’s impossible not to believe her. It’s not so often you get to feel so comfortable with yourself and your appearance while still having a blast.
Even better than the photoshoot? The preparation and the follow up!
We were emailing for weeks before the shoot and that proves how much she cares about capturing your true self in your pictures. Such care and passion is so rare. Even after the shoot, she didn’t just disappear. She was there and still is to make sure that not only you are satisfied as a customer, but as a woman.
I truly recommend this experience to anyone. It’s so much more that you’ll ever see from the outside and, most of all, you deserve it. Thank you Maricris, you are amazing. — Cristina Barna 

*** wanted an artist who would take the time to understand who I am and who could then portray that in the images. I chose Maricris because of her creative eye and ability to see beyond the obvious. She listened to my ideas and incorporated them into her vision for the photographs. It was a joy to work with Maricris and I love the results, but for me it wasn’t the final results that I will treasure the most. It was working together during the entire creative process and the chance to create with (another) artist! Thank you, Maricris! — Lynn McDonald



*** took photos for my daughter’s senior pictures. My daughter usually doesn’t like getting her pictures taken, but MC did a phenomenal job. She was very personable, creative and taught my daughter how to smile naturally. MC also did my daughter’s make-up and brought out my daughter’s natural beauty and she photographed it outside which reinforced the natural theme of the photograph. MC is a true photographic artist because she considers all the elements such as color, texture, composition and theme to create a work of art and also bring out the beauty of the person being photographed. I can’t wait to see the finished product. — Nancy Gonzales



*** is first and foremost an exceptionally loving and creative human being. Her warm energy and love for people radiates in everything she does. I contacted her wanting to shoot some photos breast feeding my daughter. From the very beginning of the process she demonstrated compassion and a zeal for helping achieve my goal of capturing the beauty of this special bond. She came to my house, did my hair and make up, helped with creating scenes and a wardrobe, and showed incredible attention to every small detail in the photos. She repeatedly reminded me how beautiful I looked, and also showed great skill in helping juggle my energetic 2 year old. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting not just photos but a positive experience of feeling beautiful and cared for. — April Wooster



*** seems unfair MC can only receive a 5 star rating- as she greatly exceeds that! As with many things, you do not buy a product or service without seeing it or the results. Her website is nothing short of phenomenal! The images are professional and appear to look straight out of a high fashion magazine. The clarity of the person photographed shows the true art and talent of MC. She was great to work with. During the photoshoot she made me feel comfortable to shoot images that took me out of my comfort zone. I was open to not having boundaries and following her direction for many of the shots taken. She had my trust from meeting her the first time and I am so happy I followed her creative vision. The result was amazing photos I will save throughout my lifetime. She has a talent I haven’t found elsewhere. Her vision and values for her art are inspiring. I am confident MC will make a difference in her clients’ lives by showing them how beautiful they are. Thank you MC for making my experience so incredible! – Alana Neil
*** was great, lots of fun ideas. And we went to a beautiful park along the river. I can’t wait to see my pictures!… and then I saw my pictures, ermergerd!! I look amazing. I shared my digital print and my friends were all “you look amazing.” Thanks for the great photos! — Christina Pederson




*** you very much for extremely amazing and wonderful photo shoot! You’re a great photographer. I very appreciate your creative and the way you guide me during the photo shoot. You help me to open another side of me. The photos are so amazing. I love all of them! Thank you very much. We had so much fun. — Chan Fam






Maricris Treuenfels_I went through MC Photography LLC to get my senior pictures and I had the most amazing experience. After seeing her portfolio I had to have my photos taken by her. I just remember thinking “Those women look so beautiful!”. Each and everyone of them look like models. Nothing else compares to the work that she does. From the first phone call, I was excited about meeting her. She was so friendly and helpful with every question I had, and was great with communicating from the time I made the appointment all the way until I received my photos. I had never really been photographed before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the moment I walked into her home I felt comfortable and welcomed. She made me feel just as comfortable during the shoot. I wasn’t quite sure how to smile, or where to put my hands, but she made it all so easy. She had great ideas and was always coming up with new ones on our adventure to and from different locations. While we were in the middle of taking photos she kept making comments about how great they looked and she let me get a sneak peak of one, and I could hardly believe it was me. This made me even more anxious to see the final products and when I did, I realized that the while was worth the wait. Words can’t even describe the feeling I had. It’s so empowering to be able to look at yourself and say “I am beautiful”, and MC allowed me to do that. She is truly the best at what she does and I recommend that every woman gives her a try, because you will not regret it. – Hailie Jadoo


*** got a gift certificate for a photo shoot with MC. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but her work online is beautiful, and I was looking forward to working with her. I was not disappointed. MC is creative, energetic, patient and fun. We did a family photo shoot followed by a session for just me. She was great with my kids and especially good at rolling with where their interest and energy took them at the park. We all had fun and that was apparent in the photos. She has artistic vision and was very good at coaching me to relax and help create photos that I didn’t think were possible. She had the proofs ready for me to review quickly after the photo shoot and was very helpful during the selection process (for example, pointing out what was interesting about the same picture in black and white vs. color). It was a fun morning and a great experience. — Bethany Wagenaar



*** had such a wonderful time spent taking pictures with Mc Photography LLC. Maricris is genuine, fun and creative. She truly takes her time with you to create the picture perfect photo and although it may be a time session she never once looked at her watch. Her main focus is really just YOU. If you would like to have some fun and see what Maricris could do for you- book a session with her. You’ll be amazed at how talented and creative she truly is. What a fun time I had with her. No regrets! Going back soon. – Maisee Lee




*** - CopyAn amazing photographer!! MC is a person that truly has a love and passion for her work. Having individual photographs taken can be a scary and intimidating thing…not the case here! It was an unforgettable personal experience and hard not to feed off of MC’s giddiness during the shoot. She is very flexible and in-tune with the mood of the person even before meeting and knows how to get you to stray a little outside of your comfort zone (or taking a little risk in finding the perfect location for the shot-like a random garage door or railroad tracks). 🙂 Highly recommend! – Tawn Sellman




*** an absolute blast working with her she’s fun, quirky, professional and made the experience amazing. Really a creative genius when it comes to inspiration on the go no regrets with it and look forward to future work with her. — Taylor Tack




*** is highly organized, helpful, and clearly loves what she does. It’s catching. You’ll be happy you jumped on the opportunity because she makes it so easy. I can’t wait to see the images! — Sharon Oswald





*** was amazing! We had so much fun taking our save the date photos with her! She really understood what we wanted and can’t wait to see our ideas come to life with her wonderfully talented eye! — Lauren Woodie and Le’Spencer Walker




***, she was great, so detailed about everything and my daughter had a great time I would highly recommend her. – Lynette Liveringhouse





*** a wonderful experience! MC was so lovely and nice and had wonderful ideas- it was more than I had expected and I was so happy my daughter and I got to work with her! – Andrea Pilrain




*** was such a wonderful woman to work with she is very talented at what she does. She really knows how to make you feel beautiful inside and out! Highly recommend even if you are just feeling blah about yourself…she will make you feel like a model! – Sarah Gausman




*** had a wonderful experience with MC. I enjoyed every minute of our photo shoot: not only does her passion shine through as she’s doing her work, but she makes sure you feel beautiful the entire time. She is a joy to work with: she is creative, sensitive, humorous, hard-working and professional. I admire her work, and now I love the experience. I highly recommend her! – Carol Morgan




*** experience with MC was unexpected and so, so enlightening. She is such a wonderful person on top of being ridiculously talented. Within minutes of meeting her I felt at ease and even confident. I wanted to try new things because her enthusiasm is infectious. She’s the kind of photographer that doesn’t just take pride in her work, she thrives on it. She makes you laugh, think, and grow. This wasn’t just a photography session; it was time spent with a new friend. – Kelsey Sutton



*** is a true artist with tremendous talent and passion for what she does. She has the ability to make photoshoot sessions very comfortable by bringing out your confidence and by being a friend, not only a person who points camera at you and take photographs. The result of her work is amazing, full of love and precision. I highly recommend MC if you are planning to have a photoshoot session. You will get breathtaking photos plus a fun and genuine friend! What more can you ask for?! 🙂 – Isabella Jie



***, what can we say everything was pretty close to perfect. Mc photography made my daughters senior pictures a fun stress free memory that will last us a lifetime. Thank you so much MC. – Melissa Ornelas




***“MC puts you at ease and makes you feel beautiful. Her enthusiasm is infectious. ” – Kathleen Loucks




*** just got to see my pictures yesterday and I have to say, I’ve never felt so beautiful. Actually, it’s better than that- I’ve never felt so beautiful while also feeling like me. Maricris made me feel so comfortable and so able to let go, that the pictures were able to reveal something to me. It was an amazing experience that I’m so thankful for. I know the pictures are spendy, but I think it’s so worth it. Every woman should get to feel like I felt yesterday! – Becca Morgan



*** I can say is WOW! An amazing experience and amazing pictures! Maricris made me feel completely comfortable and made the entire experience FUN! As a mom, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget about feeling pretty (much less sexy) However these pics serve as a beautiful reminder that’s it’s still in there!! – Jill Jeatran


*** is a fantastic person! She did my daughter’s senior pictures plus some with her older sister. She was more like a friend than just a business exchange. She made you feel very comfortable, and confident with yourself even while being in uncomfortable positions. When we first met she was very energetic and made my daughters open up more. I would recommend her to anyone! She took fantastic photos! Thank you for everything MC!!! – Elizabeth Rodriguez



*** with MC was an absolute privilege. She is such a kind-hearted woman with a wildly creative mind. I love the images she created and how much she taught me during our shoot. It was an amazing experience and I think anyone who has the chance to work with her is very lucky. Thank you again for everything. – Marley Hermann


*** had a fabulous experience with MC! I really just needed some new business head shots, but I am so glad I let her take some fun photos! She is very professional and it is easy to see that she truly sees each individual as a work of art! I highly recommend MC! – Molly Rossini




*** a great experience with Maricris! She is very talented and passionate about photography. It definitely shows! I loved how she directed every shot and provided great instructions. I knew I would love the final photos…but WOW they really exceeded my expectations. I will treasure them for years to come. – Abbey Fitzgerald



*** creative, and fun to work with! MC immediately puts you at ease, and the whole experience was a joy! – Stacy Walts





*** love LOVE MC! I had such a fun time with her on our photo-adventure, and I cannot wait to see the finished products! Thank you so much for making me feel glamorous, beautiful and comfortable throughout the whole session! – Valerie Poppy



*** was a joy meeting MC and she helped my personality shine during the photo session! She helped with my makeup and styled my hair as well. MC took a number of outdoor photos and I had the chance to change into multiple outfits. I felt confident during my photo session, MC is so gifted! – Nancy Jia




***“I heard about MC photography on Living Social and I used my certificate to get some headshots taken and I’m so glad I did. Maricris is a joy to work with – she challenged me to be bolder than I normally would and the results are stunning. I enjoyed the process and her playful attitude, it is really fun working with her and the pictures are beautiful. ” – Michelle Miller





mcphotographyllc-com-7My step daughter just had her shoot on Saturday, and the first word that pops in my head is, WOW! MC is kind, encouraging, has brilliant vision, is fun, and made our daughter feel so amazing during her shoot! It was so exciting to watch our daughter during the shoot become transformed into a more confident, more self aware young woman. Amazing experience and can’t say enough about MC!! Dying to see our pictures when they are finished! EXCELLENT photographer, AMAZING person. – Cailen Lee


mcphotographyllc-com-47Where do I even begin?! From the moment I met her, her enthusiasm was magnetic! She was so excited herself that it was hard not to be excited as well! Even if I was nervous myself (I usually hate having my picture taken), MC made me feel comfortable and beautiful!! Looking forward to getting the pictures back and giving MC another hug for all her hard work!! ❤️ – Ashley Johnson


mcphotographyllc-com-46Maricris was very warm, enthusiastic and truly a joy to work with. She really listens to your vision and ideas and brings them to life. I felt very beautiful and empowered and the pictures are fantastic!! I love her work and her mission. – Stacy Quast


mcphotographyllc-com-72MC Photography made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I loved the creativity and lively imagination she brought to her work. She had a wonderful upbeat attitude that made me feel at ease and made it fun. I felt like my spirit came alive and I felt empowered by my own feminine energy. I would highly recommend MC Photography to anyone looking to do something wonderful for themselves. – Brandy Morcomb


mcphotographyllc-com-29MC had such an amazing imagination that really captured even the smallest details in a great way. The overall experience as a whole was unique. My husband and I would DEFIANTLY recommend using her services if you are looking for something different. – Toni Williams



mcphotographyllc-com-25MC was inspirational, helpful, made me feel completely comfortable and brought out creative happy energy out of me that I did not know that I had !!! She showed me some of the pictures on her camera that were taken, and they were absolutely gorgeous – cmpletely professional model quality. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, especially for a dating site photo shoot, the purpose for which I engaged her services. – Susan Anderson

*** - CopyMaricris took such beautiful portraits of me. The portraits have such a timeless look to them. It was so much fun to have my hair and makeup done and then have a real photo shoot. I have never done anything like this before, and was nervous. Maricris got me to relax and had lots of tricks to get good picture. The photos are very flattering, and we used only natural light and some fun props. She is so passionate about her work and has a great time doing it. My only problem was choosing which photos I wanted; there were so many good ones to choose from. I feel so BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks Maricris. – Kati Schoenbauer



*** - CopyI have had nothing but amazing experiences with Maricris on the three occasions I have been fortunate enough to have her capture memories for me (two children’s birthday parties & a glamour shoot). She is a talented professional with an eye for details that you don’t realize you really wanted captured until you see them in her work. It is a special talent to be able to see the ordinary world through your lens and make that imagine into something extraordinary. Maricris has this talent and more so don’t hesitate to contact her!” – Anna Paquette





Kasi-1-100x100 - CopyI would (and have!) absolutely recommended Maricris to anyone looking for great pictures. She took the time to help me learn about how to position myself for photos and explained every step of the process in as much detail as I wanted. I’m SUPER self-conscious when taking pictures but by the end of the photo shoot was much, much more comfortable. In addition to that, it was just plain fun! She has a great vision, and I\’m excited to have pictures done with my girls this summer!” – Kasi Aten-Freese




*** - CopyWhat a wonderful evening we had with MC Photography!! Maricris is an amazingly talented and creative woman. She was awesome with my kids and was able to see right into their souls in order to capture a piece of their being on camera. Her positive attitude and her inner sparkle helped us get through a long session with rain , sun and lots of distractions. We can not wait to see the end result of her work! It will truly be artwork.” – Leah Winter





rAJ-11-100x100Maricris is a phenomenal artist. She is very creative and will go above and beyond to achieve the highest results.If you check out her work, you will find it there how awesome they are.She is also a very friendly and nice person to work with. She will make you very comfortable and will work around your needs.Our work with her had nothing but pleasant and we highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.” – Rajib Musyaju





mcphotographyllc.com_-100x100 - CopyWe had an awesome experience with MC! My daughter had a ball and MC really brought out even more in my daughter than I knew. Will be returning for myself and my other daughter! – Wendy Wolk Van Neste, mother of Zoe




*** you so much Maricris for the wonderful opportunity. You did magnificent work! You had such great energy and it really made the shoot very fun. Keep up the great work!” – Senna El Bakri




*** was amazing for my senior photos! Just in the first couple min with her I already felt more confident and beautiful then I have ever been. When I told her I wanted unique senior photos like my personality she for sure delivered. – Baylee Jacobs






Justina-5045-100x100 - CopyThis was a great experience for me. The photographer was very kind and accommodating, and took a lot of time out for the shoot. She was creative, fun, and energetic and really made it fun to take photos. I believe that she knows how to bring out the inner beauty in all her clients. – Justina Proue






Amy-and-Chad-7Maricris I was able to look at our photos today and they are FANTASTIC. You are so talented!! Thanks so much! I know I will want to buy several of the photos, although I don’t know how I will ever decide! Chad thinks they are very impressive! – Amy Leudtke





Maricris-Treuenfels-Artwork-3Thank you so much for the photos! I just got a chance to look at them today – they are incredible! (Internet problems with computers at camp.) Now that I’m back in the cities I will let you know which one I want. Thank you so much for all your work – it was so great to meet you. You have a gift! – Katie De Cramer

Hello Maricris, I’m Katie DeCramer’s mom and I want to compliment you on the beautiful photos you took of her! You do great work and I know she considered it an honor that you wanted to photograph her.



*** is so gentle and relaxed. I really was able to open up. She got some great shots. Really fun playing with different outfits, jewelry and accessories. You will love the photo shoot! — Miriam Charney






Claire-1-of-1-100x100Thank you so much!!! I love it! I will treasure these forever, and my parents will looove the print! – Claire Asselstine







Beautiful-women-21Thanks! Maricris did such a wonderful job! All of the photos looked awesome. – Janet Harvey







Beautiful-Women-13Maricris, I shared the photos with Katie, and she is impressed! (and she does photography too, and said you are GOOD!) She liked a lot of the photos, and I’m trying to be comfortable. Cillian was amazed that Grandma took her glasses off in some and then put them back on!! Thank you. We will talk soon! – Carlotta Stomberg






Pat-and-Merle-1-of-3-100x100 (1) - CopyWow, Maricris, great pics! We need to talk! The pictures are so good, and indeed we had a great time with you while you were taking them. What wonderful memories brought to life! Thank you, Maricris! We will want to order more and need to talk about which ones. –  Merle De Nuccio







Mary--100x100 - CopyMaricris came to my house to photograph my daughters for prom. She caught some amazing moments that we didn’t even know were there. The pictures turned out beautiful – making it difficult to decide which ones to order. Once ordered, the pictures came back very quickly. Amazing quality. Very happy with the pictures. – Mary Donohue




*** is an awesome and gifted photographer! She even coaxed a photo out of my camera-shy son who runs from the camera and everybody who sees the photos on my wall just love them! I even hired her to take staff pictures at my Chiropractic clinic. They look fabulous! Highly recommended!!! – Dr. Heather Ingbretson






Santhi-1-of-1-100x100 - CopyMaricris definitely sees true beauty in all of us. She is very passionate about her work and her positive energy is absolutely contagious! She has taken portraits of my boys and has also taken mine. She keeps it natural and captures your inner beauty. Love her style and highly recommend her! – Santhi Vonderhaar






Beng--100x100 - CopyYoung and energetic!!!!!! With full of compassion and inspiration in all she`s doing… she could showed the best in everything.. I would definitely recommend it for everybody. She`s open to suggestion and very versatile, shows in her personality though!!! – Beng Perlota




*** you, MC, for an amazing experience and beautiful outcomes! You are very understanding and honest. You are a wonderful person. It was very easy to open up to you and let you guide me. Thank you for gently nudging me to try something new, outside of my comfort zone. It was so liberating and refreshing! The prints are amazing looking! It is wild to see myself in them. It is wonderful to have met you and worked with you. Thank you for seeing the beautiful parts of me and letting them shine! – Jinny Johnson






Beautiful-Women-2Hello, have been meaning to message you for a while. My mother said the photo arrived at my house and looks great. Thanks! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care! Say hi to your beautiful little daughter for me. She was so cute. – Jillian Sinkoff






Steve-1-of-1-100x100 - CopyI think you did a great job for Hailey and I and will send people your way if anyone ever asks. – Steve Shager






mcphotographyllc.com_-2MC did a great job with my photo shoot. At first I was nervous but she took the time to make me comfortable and lead me through the process. I couldn’t believe how great the photos turned out! I would recommend her. – Erin Omohundro







mcphotographyllc.com_-3I love her! She loves her craft and it shows in her photos! Made me feel beautiful! – Ericka Trihn







Nye-1-of-1-100x100The photographer really makes you feel important and beautiful. She makes sure that YOU feel beautiful and happy with your pictures. I love it. – Nye Chuol







Pat-and-Merle-1-of-3-100x100 (1) - CopyI highly recommend MC Photography. What a fun day we had! -Pat Ferrian







Maricris-Treuenfels-Photograph-4-100x100 - CopyOh my gosh Maricris. These are gorgeous!! Thank you Thank you!! You have an amazing talent. – Amara Helen





*** - CopyMC makes you feel beautiful and confident! Absolutely loved my experience and can’t wait to have another session with her soon! – Christina Kocholek


This is adorable. That’s my wife people!! That’s right, MINE! – proud husband of Christina Kocholek



*** mom just said WOW! Dear goodness!! I just look so awesome! Thank u! – Hannah Belisle





*** - CopyMaricris, I felt so beautiful when you were doing this photo shoot! Thank You! – Vicki Drake








Lian-Gordon-1-2-100x100 - CopyIt was AMAZING! she really took the time to get to know you! I would for sure get a shoot done again with MC!! – Lian Gordon





*** is an awesome, fun-loving woman! I was anxious about getting my pictures taken, but Maricris made the photo shoot fun, exciting and very relaxing. And on top of that, her photos turned out amazing! I will definitely be going back to her for more photo shoots in the future. – Becca Weiland




*** I bought a Groupon to have a photoshoot wih MC. Out of all the deals, I chose MC because her photos were just beautiful. I met with her and she is this little pandora box full of surprises and creativity, let MC do the magic! I really enjoyed the photoshoot, I felt like a model because she was telling me, do this pose, and this and that. The day I meet her to see the pictures, I swear I was not expecting much .. boy I was wrong!!! I have never ever seen such a raw talent in a photographer. Her pictures were just beautiful … for a moment I was like .. is that me? She is an amazing person. Smart, creative, hardworking and fun to be around with … Great quality of pictures! – Laura Chu



*** really enjoyed working with MC. I have worked with a lot of photographers before and she certainly has a different approach in that she sees beyond your appearance and captures your personality and who you truly are. Being 7 months pregnant and having a photo shoot, I was pretty self-conscious but her work really captured the beauty that is motherhood. – Victoria Orchenov







Tess-1-of-1-100x100 - CopyHi Maricris! Thank you SO much for the pictures. You do absolutely incredible work! I had so much fun taking them and so much fun going through them! – Tess Depaolis







Jenn-1-of-1-2-100x100 - CopyOh My Gosh!!!! This just about made me tear up! Maricris you did AMAZING!!! Not to toot my own horn, but, damn I look stunning!! Lol! – Jenn McCann







Axen-You did an AMAZING job. You have what it takes to be successful with you photography business. – Tracy Axen






Beautiful-Women-56-100x100 - CopyThanks for the pictures and all the service you provided for us on that special day. The pictures are awesome! – Emelaine Felsch







mcphotographyllc.com_-6MC is incredible to work with. Her care and attention make the experience extremely enjoyable. It is not often that you find someone as talented and kind as she is. – Katherine Francel




***, love, love MC…From her ever so charming and positive personality to her amazing talent. Her photography is a work of art and she is all of about the details. She made my daughter (6yo) feel so comfortable immediately and really knows how to work with kids. We had such a fun time with her the day of our shoot and she was up for anything. We ended up in a river taking photos and she got soaked to take the perfect picture. She’s an expert , a true professional, always creative and we loved working with her. Highly recommend her. We will be back MC!! – Deb Telon




*** does a really great job. We love her work! – Bennie Bowers







mcphotographyllc.comLoved everything about my photo shoot – MC is brilliant to work with and creates beautiful images! I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you, thank you!! – Kristi McMahon




*** comfortable to work with! Pictures turned out beautiful. – Kjirsten Berg







mcphotographyllc.comMy fiance, Joe, and I had a blast with our photo session. MC is very out going, full of ideas and creativity, and willing to make your vision happens. Thank you for reminding me that I am beautiful J I love your work and you missions. Highly recommend! – Moe Kham Ko






Annie (1 of 1)My experience with MC Photography LLC was amazing! So many poses and angles, you will definitely feel like a model by the second outfit change. It got interesting when we were led outside for the outdoor shoot, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. When we got the pictures we were amazed by how astonishing they were. Highly recommended for anyone searching for a great photographer who loves what they are doing. Maicris will be your #1 photographer choice hands down. Thanks for the beautiful photos 🙂 – Annie Greer/Nikita



*** (1)She is awesome. Made me and my fiance very comfortable. She had great ideas for pictures. Recommend highly. – Doha Salem





*** is such a phenomenal woman! I wanted some new photos of my son and I and that’s what I expected just some photos, but once we started I understood why her page pulled me in and why I chose her. She made us feel like models! It was an amazing experience! I plan on shooting with her always! Thanks MC! I’m glad you decided to open your own business and share your talent with us all! — April Bivens




*** has a great eye for natural light, thank you for making this moment in my life a memorable one! Can’t wait to see the photographs! – Megan Longering





*** is a talented photographer. I am extremely happy with the photos from my mother and daughter session! – Southida Fodor





*** was given a Groupon to have my daughter’s senior pictures taken by Maricris because of her professionalism and reputation of really taking the time with her clients and also for having an incredible eye. As a single mom with limited funds, I really hoped to be able to give my daughter a wonderful experience without breaking the bank. Our time with Maricris was nothing short of an answered prayer. She treated us like she had known us for years and made my daughter feel beautiful. We were tearing up when we saw the finished pictures. I will never forget, at one point my daughter’s words were, “I can’t believe that’s me!” Maricris answered her, saying, “I didn’t Photoshop, Emily, that’s ALL YOU! You’re gorgeous! ” The look on my daughter’s face was one I had never seen before…one I’ll never forget. The look of loving herself. I would suggest Maricris to anyone wanting photographs done (and done well), especially for those who may not feel especially confident. She has incredible talent and the gift of making you feel beautiful. – Marney McCarty